Runwise Acquires BGS Water Watch

Runwise Acquires BGS Water Watch

November 4, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired BGS Water Watch. BGS Water Watch is a well established online control and water monitoring company with hundreds of client buildings in New York City.

“The addition of Elkana Tombak and the entire BGS team makes me more excited than ever about our vision of running more efficient and sustainable cities. This acquisition improves both our technology and team to bring us closer to making this a reality,”  said Jeff Carleton, CEO of Runwise.

BGS Water watch has developed the lowest cost wireless, battery powered leak detector that does not require any plumbing to install. This acquisition will allow Runwise to pinpoint leaks in clients' high consumption buildings quickly and inexpensively. Runwise will work to integrate BGS’ system into Runwise’s current platform alongside their heating service.

“Fusing with the incredible Runwise team will enable thousands of buildings across the U.S. to benefit from our cost-saving WaterWatch leak detector technology and other energy efficiency innovations. This opens up new opportunities for growth and to reduce unnecessary waste in building across the U.S.,” said Ekana Tombak, Founder of BGS Water Watch.

The founder of BGS, Elkana Tombak, will spearhead the effort to make Runwise’s hardware and network faster, less expensive and more reliable.