Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?
How can we know if our building is a good fit for this system?
How can we be sure this is going to reduce the cost of our energy bills?
Are there rebates available to cover the cost of these types of systems?
If we let ConEd (or other provider) in to install this system, we are not giving them the ability to start giving us fines for anything out of order are we?
How long is the installation process? What’s involved?
Do you have to put sensors inside the units (we don’t want to disturb our tenants)?
How will this impact the workload of our building management staff?
Why is there a yearly management fee?
Is it possible to track how much we’ve saved in the Runwise system?
Runwise provides water usage monitoring and leak detection - does this allow us to see water usage on a per unit basis?
Does this help with Local Law 97 or our energy grade?